Smartphone repairs


Let us fix your phone.


Is your smartphone screen broken or cracked? Dropped in water? Unusual freezing/hanging? Not charging or powering on? Jammed buttons?

Do not throw it yet, we’ve got you! K-tech Solution has your back. We can fix all mobile related issues.

All Button Repairs

Home button, Volume button, Mute button, On/Off button, Vibrator button, Silent button etc

LCD Repair / Replacement

Broken LCD, Lines on display, Blank display, White light on display etc

Battery Replacement / Charging

Does not charge, battery drains fast, does not charge completely etc & Battery replacement services

Network Faults

We repair network related faults such as No network, Weak signal, Call drop etc


Speaker / Mic Repair

Speaker/ Mic not working, low tone, cracked voice, ringer issue, loudspeaker problem etc


Software / Unlocking

OS related problems, software upgrades, Network unlocking etc

Touch Pad Repair / Replacement

Broken touchpad, Touch pad not responding, Touch pad works in some sections only, etc. We fix all

Charging Faults

Phone not charging, fast battery drain, broken charging port etc

WIFI Problem

WIFI not connecting, WIFI connected but internet not working, weak WiFi signal, WiFi not working, etc

You break it, we fix it

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